Jean Dong

Chief Executive Officer
Zespa Media Group

Jean is a specialist in China-facing media and business collaborations with a passion for trans-cultural creative innovation.

She has worked with a number of major public and private organisations in the UK and China, providing expert advice on media, PR, international business development and strategic collaborations. Jean has worked with BBC World Service for nearly 10 years. In her roles at BBC as China Consultant, Producer and Presenter, Jean has worked with the World Service’s China teams to develop and execute distribution, syndication and collaboration strategies in China while also writing and presenting a number of highly-rated youth-oriented programmes.

Born in Beijing, Jean is a Chinese citizen and permanent UK resident. Jean worked for MTV India while completing her first degree at the University of Delhi. In 1998 she came to the UK to complete a second degree and launched her media and business career. Through her years of working with major International and Chinese media organisations, Jean has gained a rare understanding of China’s evolving appetite and capacity for Western media and entertainment output. Jean has acted as Consultant Producer on a number of primetime Entertainment and Fact Ent formats for China’s national TV channels. She is a highly experienced and respected personality in the Chinese and international media world.


Oli Rayner

Commercial Director
Zespa Media UK

Oli has over twelve years’ experience in investment banking and private equity with a focus on media, entertainment and technology.

He specialises in corporate and strategic development and corporate finance for growth companies. Oli began his career as an Analyst at Granville Baird working on M&A deals in branding, advertising, PR, radio and other parts of the media sector. He then moved to Citigroup as an associate working on international M&A and Capital Markets deals after completing the firm’s training programme in New York.

In 2003, Oli became a director of Merchant Capital, a corporate finance and investment firm, responsible for private equity and quoted deals with a focus on growth companies. He left Merchant Capital in 2007 to work independently with a number of corporate clients, investor groups and investee companies. In addition to his role at Zespa Media, Oli is also a consultant to Asset Match Ltd, Associate Partner of Ironbridge Capital Partners LLP, a director of China Factor Ltd and Special Adviser to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


Anthony Lilley OBE

Non-Executive Director
Zespa Media UK

Anthony is a BAFTA, Royal Television Society and Peabody Award winning interactive media producer who has worked on projects such as Top Gear, Doctor Who, Teletubbies, Spooks, FourDocs, The Guardian and many others.

He works extensively in media policy and is currently a Member of the Content Board of Ofcom as well as having advised many government departments including DCMS and DCSF. Anthony has previously been Vice- Chair of PACT, the UK Trade Body for Independent Film and TV Producers. Chair of the UK Digital Content Forum and a member of the Steering Board of the DCMS Creative Economy Programme.

In addition to his role at Zespa Media, Anthony is Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Magic Lantern, an interactive media company with a focus on the development of ideas and their innovative application in a cross-platform media world whose clients include Channel 4, BBC, BT, ITV, Sony Playstation, Virgin Media, Tiscali, Guardian Unlimited, Google, Telewest, Discovery, The Tate Modern and PACT. Anthony was awarded the OBE for services to media and creative industries in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2008.


Eva Ying

Managing Director
Zespa Media China

Prior to joining Zespa Media, Eva had already acquired ten years of experience and knowledge in business and project management.

Eva is an expert in bringing International TV formats into China and she also has a deep understanding of the local media industry. Working with top-level executives at national TV stations in China such as CCTV, Hunan TV and Shenzhen TV, Eva has well-established relationships across the industry.


Huanhuan Xia

Head of Production
Zespa Media China

Based in Beijing, Huanhuan Xia is Head of Production at Zespa Media China overseeing all TV production projects for the company.

Huanhuan is an award-winning Executive TV Producer and Director who has worked on many successful TV shows for Chinese national television channels such as CCTV’s Moon Festival Gala Evening (Bilingual), Our China Heart Gala Live Broadcast (CCTV-4), Dream Star Partners (CCTV-3) and China’s National TV & Film Awards Ceremony Live Broadcast (CCTV-6 & Zhejiang Satellite TV).


Lisha Yan

Project Manager
Zespa Media UK

Educated in both China and the UK, Lisha Yan is an experienced Project Manager, having joined Zespa Media in London since inception.

Lisha is an expert at facilitating and implementing cross-cultural projects for Zespa Media.

Lisha is based in Zespa’s London office and she is responsible for management and delivery of all of Zespa’s key projects.


Lei Dong

Project Manager
Zespa Media China

Based in Beijing, Lei Dong is a Project Manager at Zespa Media China specialising in international TV production projects.

Having lived and worked in the UK for over 10 years, Lei is equipped with extensive bicultural experience and language skills as well as in-depth understanding of the international markets. Lei has been in charge of numerous international TV co-development and co-production projects for China national TV channels.


Liz Liu

Project Manager
Zespa Media China

Based in Beijing, Liz Liu is a Project Manager at Zespa Media China in charge of format and programme licensing and development.

With strong relationships with all the key TV broadcasters in China, Liz not only manages and develops projects with leading local media organisations in China, she also works on production and logistics management.


Cherry Wang

Production Manager
Zespa Media China

Based in Beijing, Cherry Wang is a Production Manager at Zespa Media China responsible for the management of Zespa’s TV production projects.

Widely experienced in all facets of Chinese TV productions, Cherry has worked on hit TV shows on China national television such as CCTV’s Dream Choirs, Star Partners, 1st Class at School and Olympic Dreams.


Sheryl Ng

Zespa Media UK

Prior to joining Zespa Media, Sheryl Ng lived in Melbourne, Australia working as a film and TV production assistant on factual TV programmes for local networks.

Originally from Malaysia but born in Australia, Sheryl grew up in both countries developing an East-meets-West sensibility and, with degrees and experience in the international media industry, Sheryl works as a Researcher at Zespa’s London office responsible for project research and coordination.


Bowen Li

Finance & Administration Officer
Zespa Media China

Based in Beijing, Bowen Li is responsible for the finance and administration at Zespa Media China.

A qualified accountant in China, Bowen is also involved with production budgeting and logistic management.