Fashion Star Turns Heads in China


Zespa has again joined hands with Electus International, this time to bring their popular NBC reality competition series Fashion Star to the Chinese screen.

The Chinese adaptation of Fashion Star, known locally as The Goddesses’ New Clothes, features six female Chinese celebrities designing and modelling their own collections with the help of their professional designer teammates. Four Chinese fashion brands then fight it out by placing the highest bids for their designs. The audience can pre-order designs featured on these four fashion brands’ online shops at, one of the most lucrative businesses of Alibaba Group and China’s largest online shopping sites.

The series (10x90’) is being broadcast on Dragon TV (Shanghai Media Group), one of the Top 3 satellite TV channels with national coverage in China.

The first episode premiered in the Saturday evening primetime slot on 23rd August 2014 at 9.15pm and achieved top three rating among all national channels across China. It was also a phenomenal commercial success for the four Chinese fashion brands with the designs selling out within minutes.

Fashion Star