Zespa Develops New Format with CCTV


Zespa has collaborated with China Central Television (CCTV) again to develop a brand new factual entertainment format that addresses rural-urban migration, a major social issue in today’s China. City Dreams features the lives and dreams of migrant workers from rural areas who have chosen to work in big cities in search of a better life.

Unlike the traditional documentary style of programmes, the new format has an “undercover” element and unexpected twists in the plots, exploring the many layers of individual and social lives in contemporary China.

In the last two years, celebrity-led reality programmes as a format has gained rapid growth and popularity on Chinese TV screen. However genuine factual entertainment programmes that address the lives of “normal” people are still yet to gain momentum. The development and production of this new format marks an exciting starting point for factual entertainment genre in the fast-growing Chinese media market.

Zespa and CCTV teams have completed the programme pilot in Beijing at end of 2014. CCTV is now planning to commission a full series of 15 episodes for year 2015, as announced in CCTV 2015 new programme forecast.