Zespa Media works closely with creators and owners of international content and IP to identify and capitalise on opportunities for the rapidly evolving Chinese market.

Zespa Media (UK) is the exclusive representative of Agatha Christie Ltd. in China in relation to TV and movie licensing, adaptation and production of all Agatha Christie properties. First local deal set to be announced in 2019.

Other scripted formats in development include: Black Widows (DRG), In Treatment (Sheleg) and other leading TV and literature titles.

Zespa Media has successfully brought a number of international prime-time entertainment formats to China, co-developed and co-produced localised programmes that became top-rated and award-winning hit shows in China. Formats including: Fashion Star(Electus), Who Do You Think You Are (Warner Bros), Bet on Your Baby (Electus), Clash of the Choirs (Endemol Shine Group).

As part of our strategy to identify and develop opportunities to commercialise international content and IP in China, Zespa Media has formed an exclusive partnership with top creative licensing agency, This is Iris (“Iris”). This partnership is called the Artwork Licensing Project and brings original art, designs and children’s IP of leading international artists to the Chinese market for the first time.

Iris is a leading international creative licensing agency with years of experience working with a select portfolio of established artists, designers and children IP creators. Together with Iris, Zespa Media delivers unique opportunities to licence creative works across commercial sectors including publishing, digital, retail, packaging, gifts, apparel and stationery, as well as for brand development and strategic partnerships, in the vast and dynamic China market.