Company Profile

Zespa Media is an independent media group specialising in the development, production and distribution of content for the Chinese entertainment market. Building on our success in content creation and development for broadcasters in China and international markets, Zespa Media has developed a 360-degree commercialisation model geared to the fast-moving China market. We work with creative talent, rights-holders, commercial partners and investors to build brands and businesses of enduring value.

Zespa Media sets itself apart through a deep understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures, the essence of content that works and key political and regulatory sensitivities. This enables us to bridge the gap and blend the best of both through genuinely creative collaborations.

With group companies based in the UK and China, Zespa Media specialises in identifying international content and resources that are suitable for China and adapting them to local tastes in partnership with original producers and rights-owners.

Under Zespa Media there are three independent companies: